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Our Supporters

             From 1995 to the present, Power Flour received support from Rotary Clubs from Wisconsin Districts 6720 and 6270 and a variety of organizations, many of whom are listed below.
            In 2006, Miller Brewing of Milwaukee and its parent company, South African Brewery (SAB), took a serious look at our particular use of Barley Malt Flour and its effective digestive properties in rejuvenating the severely malnourished.
            As Miller’s interest grew, they engaged their suppliers and corporate friends.
            Miller’s leadership and interest in getting to the task has greatly focused and accelerated the use of Power Flour in under developed countries. Meanwhile, Dr. John Herlache’s literature search revealed definitively how the high diastatic enzymes present in Barley Malt Flour digest cooked starch-based staples.
            Briess Malt of Chilton, Wisconsin has donated 30-40 tons of Power Flour since 1995 and their commitment continues.
            Rahr Malting of Shokopee, Minnesota, has committed to supplying free larger quantities of Barley Malt Flour as additional national programs develop.
            Graham Packaging has been donating bottles for International Shipments to facilitate stable and clean product. In June 2008, they donated 140,000 bottles.
            Closure Systems International (CSI) donated caps for the bottles.
            Schneider Trucking of Green Bay, Wisconsin, has donated trucking of truckload and larger LTL shipments.
            Valley Packaging in Appleton, Wisconsin, has been very helpful in providing free warehousing and staging for shipments.

Several Wisconsin Rotarians serve on the Board of Directors:

   *Tom Hartzell – Founder and Chairman of the Board

  (Continuing programs 1995-present - Sheboygan West)

  *John Wiley – President      

  (1995-96, 2000-present, Chair: Asia S. Pacific, Caribbean Rotary Club)

 *Dr. John Herlache – Vice President  

 (2005-present, Chair: Central and South America)

                  *Dr. Ed Douglas                                     (2005-present, Co-Chair: Africa)

                  *Dave Stringham                                   (2005-present, Co-Chair: Africa)

                  *Al Normington                                     (2006-present, Chair: Large NGO’s)

                  *Dr. Tom Schueppert                           (2007-present, Medical Applications)      


The goal of Power Flour International Continues:

To achieve the sustainable distribution and use of Malted Barley Flour to help eliminate severe malnutrition in children and adults.


  • The Amberstone Trust of London, England
  • TGF Consulting
  • Briess Industries, Inc.
  • The Vetiver Organization
  • Bretna Associates
  • Venture Networking & Design
  • DuFour Advertising
  • Wigwam Mills
  • Ametek (Division of Plymouth Products, Inc.)
  • TenPas Plumbing
  • Cardinal Environmental
  • LMT / Maritime Inc.
  • Trempe Insurance
  • Edward Jones - James E. Thom
  • Watson Vending & Food Service, Inc.
  • Robert Spitzer Associates
  • Trinity Lutheran Church, Sheboygan
  • St. Peter Claver Catholic Church, Sheboygan
  • First Congregational Church, Sheboygan
  • Sheboygan Rotary Club
  • Sheboygan West Rotary Club
  • Sheboygan Early Birds Rotary Club
  • Manitowoc Rotary Club
  • Manitowoc Sunrise Rotary Club
  • Two Rivers Rotary Club
  • Plymouth Rotary Club
  • Mukwonago Sunrise Rotary Club
  • West Allis Rotary Club
  • Fond du Lac Rotary Club
  • North Shore Rotary Club
  • Numerous private supporters from Sheboygan County
  • Graham Packaging
  • CSI Closure Systems International
  • Kimberly-Clark Foundation - Pat and Ray Heckner

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