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PFAN in Cameroon

The Power Flour Action Network began its long-running relationship with the Belo Rural Development Project (BAREDUP) in northwest Cameroon in West Africa in June of 1988. PFAN learned about the project through its good friends at www.Vetiver.org. The Director of the Belo Rural Development Project (BAREDUP), Mr. Simon Chia Ngwainmbi, was so impressed with the initial samples of Power Flour that he ordered six five-gallon pails. Since that initial supply, so many shipments have followed that PFAN has lost count. PFAN knows that enough Power Flour has been shipped so that over 1.5 million meals have been served using the Power Flour supplement.

BAREDUP distributes Power Flour through the Mbingo Baptist Hospital.

Mr. Ngwainmbi has been so pleased with Power Flour that he sends photographs and reports about the success BAREDUP is having with Power Flour.

Early on the PFAN had problems finding a suitable, reasonably priced shipper. In 2000, though, the shipping problems were overcome when the Wigwam Mills Co. of Sheboygan volunteered to let the PFAN use their corporate rate to ship by air to the Douala Airport in Cameroon. BERUDEP then makes special arrangements to transfer the shipments of PF to the Belo-Boya province in northwest Cameroon. PFAN continues to supply several other African countries using Wigwam's discounted shipping rates.

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