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PFAN Compact Disc Available

April 17, 2003

For those interested in more detail about the PowerFlour program, a 45 minute presentation on CD has been prepared. This CD explains the concept, gives a brief history of the program, and shows several locations where the PowerFlour program has been successfully implemented to nourish children.

An attached link also details the program of Dr. Sergio Serna at Monterrey Tech where the students are operating a production line which prepares a dry mix called Papilla Tec for poor, malnourished children of southern states of MEXICO.

This product is dissolved in fresh water and cooked into a porridge that is available in 5 different flavors. Over two tons of PF have been employed in the manufacture of Papilla Tec over the past several years.

For copies of this CD, please contact Tom Hartzell at thartzel@excel.net .

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