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PowerFlour Action Network Receives Non-Profit Status, Moves Forward with Mission

February 13, 2001

Sheboygan, WI - PFAN, a Wisconsin-based organization dedicated to saving the lives of thousands of babies in the world's developing countries, recently received 501(c)(3) non-profit status from the federal government. Its new status allows PFAN (PowerFlour Action Network) to solicit charitable contributions in support of its mission.

PFAN evolved from Rotary International's efforts to save malnourished children around the globe. Rotary District 6270 began this important work in 1995. PFAN works to get "PowerFlour" (a natural barley malt) into the hands of mothers and caregivers of weaning children. PowerFlour, when added in small amounts to porridge or mush made from corn, rice or other starchy staples, transforms the porridge or mush into a nutritional liquid which is suitable for use as weaning food. Not only do babies swallow more food, but the starch which PowerFlour converts is predigested and the natural sugar released in the process makes even the blandest food taste better. The transformation accomplished by PowerFlour gets much needed nourishment into infant stomachs, increasing their chances for survival.

In Africa, Asia and Latin America alone, 14 million infants perish annually due to malnutrition. That's about 40,000 children every day. PowerFlour's effectiveness has been studied in Haiti, Ghana and Malawi. The product has also had a positive impact in saving children's lives in Peru, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Cameroon, Mali, Zimbabwe, Nicaragua, the Philippines and other countries. This has led PFAN to take on the challenge of providing a continuous supply of PowerFlour to developing countries worldwide.

PFAN receives generous support from Chilton-based Briess Industries Inc., a leading North American producer of malt. Briess Industries donates all the PowerFlour that is shipped to developing countries around the world. Rotary continues to assist in raising funds for PFAN's endeavors.

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