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Each year in Africa, Latin America, and Asia, 14 million infants perish due to malnutrition and related disorders. That's 40,000 babies a day!

A significant factor contributing to this unfortunate situation which constitutes the gravest emergency facing children today, is the mothers' inability to find liquid foods for weaning their babies. Weaning foods must be liquid to be effective. Babies reared on mother's milk can suck or drink, but have difficulty swallowing solids.

The tragic fact is that concentrated liquid diets for these infants are not readily available, but could be, with PowerFlour.

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PowerFlour is flour made from barley malt. It is used as a diet enhancer to help infants, usually between 6 and 9 months, better digest the complex starch diet used as a staple in most developing countries.

PowerFlour International's Mission Statement:

"To achieve the sustainable distribution and use of Malted Barley Flour to help eliminate severe malnutrition in children and adults."

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